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The Clinic group is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1978 that was originally established as a provider of health care for migrant and seasonal farm workers. With thousands of patients and 13 locations in two states, providing copies of patient records was challenging and expensive. SIS NW helped the Clinic group convert this department into a revenue generating business unit while reducing risk, improving compliance, and providing better service to requestors. The Clinic group manages Release of Information (ROI) requests from a centralized office in Central Washington. They have a staff of 10 ROI professionals led by one Director of Health Information Management.

The Problem

Prior to partnering with SIS NW, the Clinic was spending more than they billed for copies of requests for patient records. They had no way to determine their revenue, since they had no system or process in place to track it. Because of the lack of reporting and controls, they were convinced that they weren’t recovering all of the applicable fees for fulfilling requests.

The Solution

In 2013 the Clinic group implemented ROI+ in their centralized Release of Information office. Every ROI request now requires pre-payment and is tracked from receipt to delivery. Records are now instantly available to all clinics. Faxing and mailing and the delays associated with each declined substantially.   All requests fulfilled through the ROI+ portal are secure and a complete audit trail is created for each request.

Prior to implementing ROI+ the Clinic group spent $6,000 a month on postage fees; now their postage costs have been reduced by $4,800 a month. Their paper costs dropped from $900 a month to $150. Their toner supply costs dropped from $1,200 a month to less than $300. Prior to implementation they were burning up toner cartridges at the rate of one per week per printer. After converting to ROI+ toner cartridge life was extended by 400 percent.

In addition to the savings outlined above, the Clinic group is now tracking and collecting revenue down to the penny. Since implementing ROI+ the Clinic group estimates that revenue has increased 300 percent.


ROI request fulfillment can be a time consuming and inefficient process without the proper technological tools in place. Implementing ROI+ ensures maximum revenue collection, detailed reporting and auditing, and fast electronic secure delivery to automate the release of information process.

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