Medical Records Storage – Medical Records Management

It’s time to reap the rewards for a successful career as a healthcare provider and enjoy the benefits of retirement. However, you still have a responsibility to maintain secure patient health records. Not only is this a distraction, but if you fail to take proper precautions it could end up costing you a fortune in fines.

It’s your responsibility to securely archive your patient’s medical records, and make them available to insurance companies, attorneys, and patients when they request them. Failure to do so could result in a HIPAA violation, unwanted notoriety, and costly penalties.

SIS NW can help you deal with this ongoing responsibility. We proudly offer healthcare professionals like you a medical records storage management solution that is affordable and reliable. Our proven system addresses your unique needs by exporting or converting electronic medical records storage systems at a price that makes sense. Protect your personal interests and professional reputation, without having to pay fees to keep your EMR active.

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Medical records storage – Medical records management

  • Reduce the risk of HIPAA violations by allowing SIS NW to assume custodianship of your medical records
  • The majority of your medical document storage will be electronic, making it far easier and faster to fulfill requests
  • You pay only an initial fee for archiving medical records, which means you don’t have to worry about future storage costs
  • All medical records storage are secure in SIS NW’s HIPAA compliant electronic repository
  • Enjoy your retirement free from worry, while the professionals at SIS NW store and manage your confidential patient files

Storing patient medical records and making them available to other professionals is a financial and personal risk that can end up costing far more than you realize. At stake is your financial security, patient trust, and quite possibly your freedom. The variable nature of rate structures also make collecting revenue for medical records copies cumbersome and tricky.

Why should you have to deal with the potential pitfalls of medical records storage at this time in your life? Instead, let SIS NW handle your records with a proven storage solution that eliminates worry. Contact us today to find out more about our medical records storage process and protect yourself from unnecessary liability.

Reduce HIPAA risk with medical records management you can trust

You likely already know about the significant hidden costs commonly associated with medical document storage. SIS NW’s ROI+ medical records delivery solution is the answer you’ve been looking for because it virtually eliminates risk. How does it work?

First, we verify the validity of the request, and then ensure that your medical records are delivered through our secure encrypted portal. All system activity is tracked before a request log is generated.

Our proprietary ROI+ solution also accomplishes the following:

  • Calculates the maximum billable amount for all medical document requests
  • Generates a complete invoice for the entity making the request
  • Generates a HIPAA disclosure log
  • Maintains document release data for seven years (as required by HIPAA regulations)

Free yourself from the overwhelming burden of archiving medical records. Eliminate paper. Reduce the rising costs of toner, postage fees, paper, and copy machine degradation. In other words – save money while making money.

Medical Records Management – How ROI+ from SIS NW benefits you

Would you like more information outlining the benefits of SIS NW’s medical records storage solutions? Contact one of our professional agents for a free consultation today. When you consider the many ways that our medical records management system will save you money, protect your interests, and eliminate worry, there is no reason to wait another day.

Some other ways our system saves you money include the following.

  • Medical records requests are filled quickly and efficiently
  • Records are delivered electronically, so you don’t have to deal with paper
  • All releases are fully documented with extensive reporting capabilities

Get to know the medical records storage professionals at SIS NW

In 2008, SIS NW (Spectrum Information Services NW, Inc.), was founded with one purpose – Provide trustworthy, reliable, and affordable medical records management solutions for healthcare providers. We are dedicated to understanding our client’s unique needs, and then finding solutions that work with customer service that is unmatched in the industry.

By working diligently to understand and acknowledge your ongoing challenges, we continue to develop affordable solutions that allow you to fully enjoy your retirement. Cookie-cutter solutions to medical document storage concerns simply don’t work because every healthcare provider is different.

Our medical records management team has more than a century of combined experience that we use to help clients like you remain HIPAA compliant while solving unforeseen problems that arise. Whether you’re converting paper records into electronic files or exporting charts from EMR, we will help you resolve your storage issues.

Medical Records Management – Medical Records Storage

Take advantage of our cost-free consultation offer by contacting one of our qualified agents today for more detailed information. Eliminate the worry from your life so that you can get the most out of your retirement.

As a retiring physician, what are your options?

While many healthcare providers choose to retain sensitive patient records on a laptop in their home or a storage facility, these options are proven failures. All it takes is one unscrupulous person to steal the laptop and the end result is your patient’s compromised confidentiality. Even worse, criminals will immediately recognize the value in personal information of this nature, making your patients prime targets for identity theft. And do you know who will be help accountable? You.

Indeed, medical records are worth more to criminals than credit card numbers, because patient records include information that can help criminals obtain credit or access to illegal prescription drugs. This means that you could be liable for HIPAA fines, criminal penalties, and civil damages. This doesn’t even take into account the damage to your personal and professional reputation.

The hidden cost of secure storage facilities

Some former healthcare providers opt to transfer paper records to a secure storage facility, but this plan can also backfire. Employees in these facilities are seldom trained to handle medical records, and have little to no understanding of the legalities regarding their release.

For example, only patients can authorize the release of medical records pertaining to mental health, substance abuse, or STDs. In fact, you are required to obtain their written content before these documents can be released. If you fail to do so, you are at risk of criminal, civil, and HIPAA penalties.

What all of this means is the healthcare provider is responsible for obtaining the patient records from the storage facility when another professional requests them.

Release requirements are the same for a retired healthcare professional as they are for someone with an active medical practice. However, few physicians are aware of release requirements because the responsibility is usually handled by a staff member.

Another significant drawback of keeping medical records in a storage facility is cost. Storage space is becoming more limited, so costs naturally rise. Inflation also raises costs associated with ongoing storage. Requests also aren’t cheap, and it can cost in excess of $100 every time a patient record’s file is pulled, copied, transported, and returned.

How we can help with practice acquisitions

Medical practices and hospitals in the process of acquiring practices will also benefit from one of our medical records solutions. In situations where the acquiring practice or hospital has a standardized electronic medical records platform, they have no reason to support an entirely different platform that accompanied the acquisition.

Managing additional servers, paying software support fees, and the expense of training staff simply doesn’t make sense, and it places an enormous burden on personnel and management. This doesn’t even take into account the hassle of managing a patient’s medical history in two separate repositories.

To make your life easier, we can convert any patient records from the EMR that accompanied the acquisition. This eliminates costs and the risks associated with supporting the acquired system.

Understand the risks associated with medical document storage

Just by reading the above information you already have a pretty good idea of the many benefits associated with archiving medical records. One stolen laptop can make a criminal’s day, when he comes across your patient’s personal information. You may not realize it, but this problem is far more pervasive than meets the eye.

Our medical records storage company secures your sensitive information better than any laptop. In 2011, an independent study discovered that 1 out of every 5 incidents involving compromised patient data were the result of a stolen laptop. Simply forgetting your laptop in the trunk of your car could result in serious repercussions that will make you feel like a common criminal.

The website outlined a 2010 incident involving a member of a group medical practice whose laptop was stolen. Even through the data was encrypted, the practice reported the theft, and there was no evidence that secure data was compromised, the Department of Health and Human Services found them negligent.

The end result was a settlement for “potential” HIPAA violations totaling $1.5 million. Obviously, neglecting proper medical document storage is a risk not work taking, especially when you consider the ubiquitous use of mobile devices and laptops by today’s medical professionals.

Protect yourself, and enjoy your retirement, with help from SIS NW

Click on this link pertaining to active breaches of unsecured medical information. All of these cases are currently under investigation by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Now do you understand the urgency pertaining to protecting your personal interests?

Your responsibility to protect patient medical records doesn’t stop because you made the choice to retire. If you’re currently storing data on a laptop or some other way that could be compromised, you need to contact us today.

Don’t end up in jail or on the hook for a fortune in fines. Give us a call so that we can protect and secure your medical records while you get the most out of your retirement.