Press Release: Medical Records Management Solution for Retiring Physicians

Press Release

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Seattle, Washington – August 1, 2017

Spectrum Information Services NW, INC, Launches New Medical Records Storage Website to Help Retired Physicians Keep Their Patient Records Safe & Accessible!

“Medical records storage solutions provides an affordable and convenient way for physicians to be unchained from their patient’s medical records during their retirement”.

Adding to their suite of document management solutions, Spectrum Information Services NW, Inc, an industry provider of document management solutions, has launched a new website.

The new website, offers retired physicians a safe and affordable way to store their patient’s medical information without taking on the huge responsibility of managing medical records after they stop practicing medicine.

When physicians close their medical practices due to retirement, employment by a hospital system or any other reason, they are responsible for protecting patient information and staying in compliance with State and Federal laws (HIPAA regulations). The medical records must be accessible to patients. In most cases, the minimum requirement is 10 years ; however, if they treat minors, it could be up to 21 years. Failing to protect patient information can result in the following penalties:

• Expensive fines
• HIPAA breach
• Notoriety

While some retired physicians prefer to transfer ownership of their medical records to practicing physicians that’s not always a viable solution. In many cases, an acquiring physician, group, or hospital only wants current active patient records. That’s why so many physicians in transition have invested in medical records storage solutions from Spectrum Information Services NW, Inc.

Physicians realize having a medical records storage company manage their patient information has many benefits, which include:

• Patient records are securely stored in a HIPAA compliant repository
• Greatly reduces the risk of HIPAA violations
• Electronically tracked record requests
• Freedom to enjoy retirement

Greg Mennegar, Senior Vice President of Sales says, “We provide an affordable solution that helps doctors avoid a number of potential pitfalls and allows them to enjoy their retirement worry free. For a one-time fee, we become the custodian of records. This relieves the provider of most of the risk of improper disclosure of patient information, which can result in fines in excess of a million dollars.”

In addition to their medical records storage solutions, Spectrum Information Services NW, Inc, also provides secure access to patient records for the period of time required by law. Mr. Mennegar adds: “Our solution is more affordable than paying a secure storage facility, creates the audit trail required by law, and the provider is no longer responsible for making copies of patient records.”

About Spectrum Information Services NW, Inc.

Spectrum Information Services NW, Inc. (SIS NW) was founded in 2008 and is an industry leader in providing medical records storage solutions. They take pride in offering their clients affordable solutions for their records management needs. Their solution works with paper medical records or they can convert or retire electronic medical records systems. To learn more about medical records storage and how Spectrum Information Services NW, Inc, can provide a solution for you, visit:
Contact: Greg Mennegar, Senior Vice President of Sales
Phone: 425-829-2361

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