Proactive Customer Service

At SIS NW Inc. we are fanatics about customer service!  A successful scanning project depends on building a relationship with our customer and involving them throughout the process.

Our philosophy is to always be proactive about customer service and to bring issues to our customer’s attention that might affect our ability to provide good quality, meet their timeline, or impact our service to them in any way.

Our Director of Operations, Jerry Miller, shares his philosophy about customer service.

As a service provider, it’s critical that we remain vigilant about protecting our client’s documents, maintaining integrity within the capture process and providing high-quality results to the client.  We never assume results.  We work hard to build confidence and trust through ongoing customer communication to ensure that our clients are left without any doubts that we have done our best job.  Our best practices ensure that any anomaly that can have an impact on our service level or creeps outside of the original statement of work is addressed and resolved and that there is clear communication.  Often when we bring these issues to light it leads to refinements in our process (or sometimes the customer’s process) that improve the end result.

We are always motivated to provide the best service.  We know that our clients depend on us to do it right the first time.

What We Do

SIS NW, Inc. is focused on providing cost saving solutions for eliminating paper in your business and automating paper intensive processes. SIS NW, Inc. provides services to all types of industries, with a strong emphasis on health care solutions.

We can help you find that competitive edge that allows you to operate leaner and faster while providing better service to your customers by having information instantly available.

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