Expense Reports+

Expense Reports can be a hidden drain on your organization.   Think about all the work that goes into processing expense reports – an employee fills out a spreadsheet or form, prints it, makes copies of paper receipts, submits it to their manager for approval, who then submits it to accounting for review and then finally it goes to payroll so that the employee gets reimbursed.  Then the paper all gets filed and often it is sent to an off-site storage vendor.  If there are any questions about the status of payment or other issues, it can easily take a half hour or more to research a single issue.  What a huge waste of time and effort!

SIS NW’s Expense Reports+ solution makes it easy for employees to submit their requests, automates the approval process, reduces the time required to process reports for payment, and provides employees with the ability to check the status of their requests at any time.  Once the reports have been processed, they can be instantly retrieved from any authorized user’s desktop through a web browser.

With Expense Reports+, employees complete an easy to use web form to submit their request and use a scanner or their mobile device to capture and submit receipts.  Completed requests can be automatically routed based on pre-defined rules to approvers or submitted via e-mail.  Once the request has been approved, it is then forwarded to the accounting department for review and general ledger coding.  All of the information needed to process the request is already an in electronic form, so all manual data entry is eliminated.  After review by Accounting, requests are submitted to Payroll for processing.

Processed expense reports are then archived in an easy to use portal that is accessible to employees, supervisors, Accounting, Payroll, and HR.  Security is easy to impose so that employees can only see their requests, supervisors can only see their direct report’s requests, and so on.

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