Achieve HIPAA compliance and collect more revenue with ROI+ Release of Information Solutions

Are you maximizing the revenue stream generated from your Release of Information (ROI) requests?  Are your processes fully HIPAA compliant?  Would you like to reduce consumable supply and equipment costs?

SIS NW Inc. Information Services, NW Inc. offers a simple, user-friendly software tool called ROI+ to assist facilities on improving the management of their Release of Information process.  ROI+ automatically calculates the maximum billable amount for each request and generates an invoice for the requester.  ROI+ also creates the HIPAA required disclosure log and maintains all release data for 7 years as mandated by HIPAA.

In addition to the above features, ROI+ will reduce the cost and use of paper, toner, postage fees, and wear and tear on expensive equipment by releasing records electronically.

  • The ROI process can now be greatly simplified  and resources can be used more efficiently.   ROI+ will increase profits, improve compliance, and eliminate postage and mailing supply costs.
  • ROI+ creates the HIPAA required disclosure log and maintains full accounting of disclosures for 7 years.
  • All requests can be delivered 100% electronically—eliminate postage and supply costs!
  • All requests are held securely in a pending queue until payment is received.  Requesters are required to pay for copies of Medical Records.
  • Have an EMR?  With ROI+ there is no need to print records for release—simply import them into ROI+ directly from the EMR.
  • Request reports on revenue, turnaround times, HIPAA disclosure, and many more!  ROI+ offers full reporting capabilities accessible anytime.
  • ROI+ is user-friendly and simple to use with access to training videos and materials online.

If you’re looking for a medical record copying service, please contact us today for a free consultation.

In addition, we offer a solution for providers closing their practices.  We will become the custodian of your patient’s records and provide secure HIPAA compliant access for a one time payment so that you can get on with your life and not be chained to your records.