Document Scanning Services

SIS NW is the Northwest’s premier document scanning company.  Our reputation is built upon outstanding customer service, excellent quality, and process control.  Our philosophy is to add value by providing more than just digital copies of your paper records.  We help you reduce costs and improve service levels by automating paper processes.  Process automation shrinks processing times, improves accuracy, and reduces labor and other costs.   Whether it’s workflow routing or eliminating manual data entry, we can help.  Our consultative approach provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of our decades of experience helping other customers like you.

Our high volume scanning operation can convert paper and other static documents to digital at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time that it would take you to buy the equipment and scan your own documents. Our rigid quality assurance methodology ensures consistent high quality images and ensures that when you search for your documents you’ll be able to instantly find them.

Our secure subscription based document management software solution will manage most electronic documents and provides sophisticated security, indexing, and workflow solutions with no investment in IT infrastructure or software and no ongoing software support or software upgrade expenses.  Cloud based software enables rapid deployment, eliminates the headaches of managing security, helping to allow your information technology team to stay focused on mission critical operations.  With IT resources in high demand in many organizations, projects often have to wait in line on the schedule.  Our cloud based solutions can be deployed quickly with minimal IT involvement.