Eliminate manual data entry and reduce processing time

SIS NW provides a number of solutions for capturing data from static paper records.

Our data capture and conversion solutions go beyond simply converting a document into a digital format.

While in many organizations data entry departments are things of the past, there are still huge amounts of manual data entry being done, often by highly paid staff.  Let us show you how we can automatically capture data from paper documents and electronic documents to reduce labor costs and improve accuracy.  Paper documents can be scanned and the information needed for your business systems can be quickly and accurately extracted to speed up processing and improve accuracy.

Here are just a few examples of documents that come into your business that require someone to read them and then key information into your business systems.

  • Invoices / Accounts Payable
  • Human Resources – benefit forms, resumes, onboarding, performance reviews
  • Insurance and medical claims
  • Accounts Receivable / posting revenue and credits
  • Expense reports
  • Loan processing
  • Contracts
  • Litigation support

Studies have shown that it can cost $20 or more to process a single invoice. Eliminating data entry and automating the invoice processing workflow can reduce that cost by as much as 50%. Document imaging and workflow helps speed up the process so that you can maximize discounts and avoid late fees.

If you’re involved in litigation, scanning and converting the records to a digital format can help you find the needle in a haystack. Static information in paper documents can be converted into a spreadsheet or database, allowing you to analyze and search for specific data and produce reports.

Our full service solutions can include opening your mail, scanning your documents, extracting information from them, passing data to your business systems, and then routing the document through a review or approval process and then providing a searchable archive.

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