Document Imaging

Is your office “paperless”?  Chances are that you have numerous systems in place that create documents electronically and that much of your organization’s records are “born digital”.   However, many of us can take a quick look around our office and see file cabinets full of an assortment of records.  The cost of storing and managing these records and the risks associated with losing them or having them fall into the wrong hands can be staggering.

Converting paper records to a digital format has numerous benefits:

  • Make documents instantly accessible
  • Make paper documents fully searchable
  • Free up valuable office space
  • Make backup copies of your important paper files for off-site storage and disaster recovery
  • Reduce or eliminate off-site storage costs
  • Eliminate lost or mis-filed documents
  • Secure confidential records
  • Streamline business processes

Studies have shown that it can cost $20 or more to process a single paper invoice. Eliminating data entry and automating the invoice processing workflow can reduce that cost by as much as 50%. Document imaging and workflow helps speed up the process so that you can maximize discounts and avoid late fees.

If you’re involved in litigation, scanning and converting the records to a digital format can help you find the needle in a haystack. Static information in paper documents can be converted into a spreadsheet or database, allowing you to analyze and search for specific data and produce reports.

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