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Managing electronic records has never been more affordable!  In years past, implementing electronic document management (EDM) meant huge capital investments in technology infrastructure (servers, databases, security, networking, etc.) and the software was very expensive to license.  Integration was time consuming and expensive, IT staff had to be trained to maintain and configure software and annual maintenance costs were typically 15-20 percent of the initial purchase price every year in perpetuity.  And of course there was a new version every 12 or 18 months that required you to upgrade to continue to receive software support.

Fast forward to the present.  Today’s web based software allows you to have unlimited users, makes rapid deployment possible, and requires little if any IT support.  As improvements are made to the software, they are immediately available as part of your monthly subscription.  You only pay a small monthly subscription fee and for the data you have in the system.

Your information will be hosted in a world class data center that is SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II certified with state of the art security and redundant systems.

We can combine our scanning services to provide you with a complete turnkey solution to help you manage Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resource Files, Contracts, and much more.

  • Make electronic documents of any type (scanned paper or existing Word, PDF, and other files) instantly accessible to any location with web access.
  • Computer generated reports can be hosted in our web portal, with enhanced search functionality.
  • Our Service as a Software (SAAS) approach eliminates the need to buy expensive document management software, and eliminates all the costs associated with installation, integration, maintenance, and updates.


COLD is an antiquated acronym from the days when “greenbar” reports were shared online. Today’s advanced solutions replace optical storage with instantaneous access to computer generated reports AND associated source documents through any web browser. Our Software As A Service (SaaS) solution allows authorized users to access enterprise system reports and related documents from any computer with web access. There is no software or hardware to purchase and no capital expenditure required.

The advantages of SaaS are:

  • Provides access to report data to authorized users anywhere
  • Provides enhanced search functionality
  • Links other source documents, either paper or electronic to report information (invoices,purchase orders, packing slips, etc.)


We can automate business processes by capturing paper as it enters your organization and digitizing it and then route it through approval processes electronically. Our intuitive and easy to use web interface makes adoption PAINLESS and FAST. We can dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort involved in paper based processes like accounts payable processing

The advantages of electronic Workflow Automation are:

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced processing times
  • Improves auditing
  • Balances workloads
  • Easily integrate with existing legacy and ERP systems

What We Do

SIS NW, Inc. is focused on providing cost saving solutions for eliminating paper in your business and automating paper intensive processes. SIS NW, Inc. provides services to all types of industries, with a strong emphasis on health care solutions.

We can help you find that competitive edge that allows you to operate leaner and faster while providing better service to your customers by having information instantly available.

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