Healthcare Solutions

SIS NW specializes in health care solutions. We offer a free consultation designed to identify and address pain points.  Whether you’re facing a conversion from paper patient records to an electronic medical records solution, having issues with revenue, or looking for ways to reduce expenses and improve quality and HIPAA compliance, we can help.

Release of Information

ROI+ is a turnkey solution for providing copies of patient records to insurance companies, attorneys, other providers, Labor & Industries, etc.  Mailing and faxing patient records is costly and exposes your organization to unnecessary risk. Whether you’re on an EMR or have paper electronic records, we can provide electronic delivery of records in a secure manner with a bulletproof audit trail.  Our solution allows you to reduce turnaround times and increase profits.

Medical Lockbox

SIS NW’s Medical Lockbox service was developed specifically for healthcare providers.  We can typically reduce expenses by approximately $10,000 per year per provider in your organization.  Utilizing a lockbox will not only lower costs, but improve cash flow and virtually eliminate the risk of fraud.  Imagine being able to find any check, Explanation of Benefit (EOB) form, payment coupon, or correspondence in seconds from your desk.  We can also convert paper EOB forms into a Medicare compliant (835 file type) EDI file for auto-posting the revenue to your practice management system.

Medical Records Scanning

If you plan to move from paper charts to an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution, we can ease the pain of getting the paper records into the EMR.  We’ll maintain the look and feel of your paper charts and correctly associate patient metadata with the scanned charts.  We’ve done over 100 conversions into a wide array of EMR systems.  Many of the leading EMR providers recommend SIS NW to their customers for their chart scanning needs.  We can scan your chart room in a fraction of the time it would take you and at a fraction of the cost.  Some of the benefits of scanning records include eliminating your chart room and all of the labor associated with managing paper files, reducing or eliminating off-site storage costs, and improving HIPAA compliance.

Secure E-mail

While your EMR/EHR may provide a secure patient portal, chances are you still need to send HIPAA records to other referral partners, hospitals, etc. Faxing or mailing HIPAA information to the wrong person could result in a HIPAA violation. We provide an inexpensive subscription based service that will allow you to protect patient information.  Our solution provides tracking and gives you the ability to send very large files like imaging results through e-mail.

Revenue Audit

Are you getting reimbursed for the full contracted amounts from your insurance payers? We will analyze your reimbursements for free and let you know if you’re being paid at lower rates than your contracted amounts and help you recover that revenue. There is no cost to use this service. If we find money, we simply ask you to share a portion with us.  It’s easy to find out if you’re being reimbursed correctly!  There’s no cost to you and we do all the work.

What We Do

SIS NW, Inc. is focused on providing cost saving solutions for eliminating paper in your business and automating paper intensive processes. SIS NW, Inc. provides services to all types of industries, with a strong emphasis on health care solutions.

We can help you find that competitive edge that allows you to operate leaner and faster while providing better service to your customers by having information instantly available.

Contact us today for a free consultation to help you identify your paper pain points.



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