Accounts Receivable+

Most businesses rely on customer payments to support ongoing payroll and operations obligations.  SIS NW’s AR+ solution provides tools to monitor payments, send reminders, and automate collection efforts, helping you improve cash flow and reduce outstanding receivables.

AR+ provides a number of tools to help you get paid faster and reduce bad debt:

  • Automated notification of past due invoices to customers
  • Automated monitoring of payments
  • Instant access to invoices for follow up and collection efforts
  • Ability to automatically route past due invoices to collectors
  • Tracking of collection notes and automated follow up
  • A dashboard for analyzing collection results

AR+ also makes it possible to use the web to deliver invoices to shorten payment times and eliminate print and mail costs.

For businesses that deliver goods to multiple locations, especially perishable goods, delivery tickets can be scanned and workflows can be created to automate adjustments to invoices and credit memos for spoilage.

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