Medical Records Conversion

Transitioning from paper charts to an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution requires a lot of planning and preparation to minimize the impact on your practice.  One often overlooked issue is what to do with your current paper charts.  Managers that have no experience with managing a document scanning project often drastically underestimate the time and effort required to scan patient charts into the new EMR.  Without the proper tools to manage the process, it’s easy to miss pages with critical health information, intermix patient information, and many other problems that could result in negative consequences.

Our “every page” quality assurance process ensures that all pages are captured and that patient information isn’t intermixed.  Statistical sampling doesn’t cut it.  Do you need your records to be 10 percent accurate, or 100 percent accurate?

We’ve converted paper charts into most of the leading EMR solutions and many EMR vendors recommend and endorse SIS NW.  We provide creative solutions to help make sure that the scanned charts are easy to use and provider acceptance is high.

Partnering with SIS NW provides a number of benefits

  • Our consultative approach ensures a high degree of usability while minimizing the conversion investment.
  • We work with you to ensure that only needed patient information is captured for active patients.
  • We provide back-file and day forward conversions.
  • Our staff is HIPAA trained to ensure that patient privacy is maintained during the conversion process.
  • An interim portal can be created to host scanned records prior to the EMR go-live date.
  • We have experience working with most of the top tier EMR software solution providers.


The benefits of medical record conversion are immediate:

  • Back file record conversion provides instant access improving patient care
  • Record keeping, re-filing, routing and tracking significantly reduced
  • Valuable storage space is reclaimed
  • Seconds spent pulling charts, not hours
  • Capacity to increase number of patients and providers
  • Increased physician productivity
  • Increased administrative productivity
  • Improved audit compliance
  • Disaster recovery
  • Environmentally friendly – going green

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