Student Records and Insurance Claims

Paperless Student Records – Over time, managing student records can become an overwhelming task.  The space required, the supplies needed to file records, and the staff time needed to research and copy student records can become a huge drain on both financial and human resources.  Our solution eliminates the storage space requirements and makes it possible to find records in seconds instead of hours or days.  Converting student records to a digital format does more than save time and free up space, it also allows you to have a backup copy of these records for disaster recovery purposes.  In addition to student records, we can help educational institutions with personnel records, accounting records, and financial aid processing.

Manual claims processing can be a drain on your organization.  Labor costs are high and the opportunities for errors are abundant.  SIS NW can help you reduce costs and improve accuracy with our automated solutions.

Paperless Claims Processing – It all starts with high quality capture of paper claims.  Claims are batched according to the rules you currently use.  Paper claims are scanned and the forms are removed from the images so that data can be easily and accurately captured from 1500 HCFA and UB 04 forms. 

Rules Based Data Capture – Each field on the claim form is mapped out and data is extracted from the image using optical character recognition (OCR) technology and put into the proper field.  Rules are set for each field regarding what constitutes valid entries.

Sophisticated Data Matching – Two different OCR engines are utilized, much like human “double blind” data entry and the results are compared for accuracy, then submitted to a “voting” algorithm, and then reviewed by human operators.  Data accuracy is maximized by matching CPT and Diagnostic codes and utilizing patient information.  Individual fields undergo a number of validations based on predefined rules.  Rejected claims are provided in an electronic format for correction by customer.

Reports – A number of reports are available upon completion of the process.