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Seattle and Portland Document Scanning Services

Document Management Systems

Tired of Being Buried in Paper? – We Have a Document Management Solution for Your Business

Paper documents can become cumbersome, to the point where they bog down your entire business. At SIS NW, Inc. we offer paper-eliminating document management solutions that will streamline your organization while bolstering your bottom line.

Modernizing your business with an affordable document management solution will help you run faster, leaner, and give you a competitive edge, no matter what business you’re in. Our document scanning services make it possible to quickly find your files at the click of a mouse, so that you can provide better and faster service to your clients.

Are you ready to get out from under those mountains of paper? Contact us today for a free consultation about our document scanning and document management services by calling (503) 715-0299 in Portland, or (206) 686-2840 in Seattle.

An Overview of Our Document Management Systems

Taming your paper problem does more than free your business from the burden of sorting through unwieldy piles of documents. We provide everything from digital mailroom solutions to extracting data from paper documents to routing documents through workflow processes for business process reengineering. We offer both subscription based and on premise licensing models for our software solutions.

Streamlining document management is a cost-saving measure that will provide ongoing savings and productivity benefits. We offer unique solutions for the healthcare industry and a full line of purpose built and easily customizable document management solutions for any type of business or government entity.

SISNWINC & Canon Network Scanners

An introduction to the Canon Network Scanner 300 and an application that can better secure, streamline and dramatically cut costs with your current Healthcare paper based practices.


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What about My Business? Starting from Scratch with Our Document Management Services

If you are considering our document management and document scanning services but don’t know where to start, we provide free consultations. Many people mistakenly believe that document scanning and management is simply digitizing and storing old records, but our systems do far more than simply archive old records.

Our goal is to help you reduce the impact that paper has on your organization on a day to day basis. We utilize web based forms to help you eliminate paper altogether and automate your data-gathering process to help you reduce labor costs while increasing efficiency. We offer solutions that will help you automate these business processes:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Human Resources
  • Medical Records
  • Expense Reports
  • Contracts
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Claims Processing
  • Loan Processing

…and much more.

Document Scanning Services

Custom Document Management Systems for Healthcare Professionals

We specialize in assisting healthcare organizations tackle their ongoing paper and document problems. Managing patient records, explanation of benefit forms (EOBs), contracts, and other records can be a huge challenge. Our solutions offer ease of use, improve compliance with HIPAA and other regulations, and help you be able to access all patient information from one convenient location.

Our document management services make it possible to scan medical records so that they can be integrated with electronic medical records systems. Converting to digital often frees up an incredible amount of physical space for many healthcare providers. We have developed a network of trusted partners comprised of vetted industry leaders that can help you in a variety of exciting ways.

Document Scanning Services Tailored to Your Specific Needs

When you partner with us to create a document management solution for your company, you are entrusting us with the most valuable asset you possess – your data. Security is our number one priority when handling your sensitive records for scanning, ensuring that every document remains fully confidential.

Scanning your documents leads to countless benefits, not the least of which is improving their overall security and reducing the cost of managing them. Other benefits of our document scanning services include:

  • Documents are instantly accessible and fully searchable
  • Backup and disaster recovery for your paper records
  • Freeing up physical space in your office
  • Eliminate lost and misfiled documents
  • Added security from document scanning
  • Significantly reduce off-site storage expense

There are numerous cost benefits to our document scanning services, so contact us today and receive your own free money-saving analysis.

Need a Document Management System Customized to Your Needs?

We offer a number of industry-specific document management solutions designed to be easily integrated into your current business systems.

We have direct relationships with most of the major equipment manufacturers and software suppliers. Our professionals can help you establish a business continuity plan so that an unforeseen accident doesn’t force you to close your doors forever. In fact, there is little we can’t accomplish if you explain your specific requirements.

We believe that customer service is always a priority, and we are eager to help you find solutions to your document management problems that work.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and find out how our document management and scanning services can streamline your business and save you money.

Seattle – (206) 686-2810

Portland – (503) 715-0299

What We Do

SIS NW, Inc. is focused on providing cost saving solutions for eliminating paper in your business and automating paper intensive processes. SIS NW, Inc. provides services to all types of industries, with a strong emphasis on health care solutions.

We can help you find that competitive edge that allows you to operate leaner and faster while providing better service to your customers by having information instantly available.

Contact us today for a free consultation to help you identify your paper pain points.



2701 NW Vaughn St #148
Portland, OR 97210
P: 503-715-0299
F: 503-715-0302


2414 SW Andover St #E140
Seattle, WA 98106
P: 206-686-2810
F: 206-686-2840

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